Your Access to Justice

Access to Justice seeks to increase legal accessibility to meet the needs of certain communities. At 15 De Novo, we seek to build a foundation to justice by protecting traditional ideas.

Equal Application of Law and Order

Cost effective and affordable legal counsel is a necessity or the access to justice for all becomes nothing more than a pipe dream.

Equal Accessibility

The Scales of Justice must be balanced. Every segment of society should have access to affordable and functional legal counsel. We seek to provide cost effective methods and solutions that pave a path to skilled legal services and advice for everyone equally.

Justice Campaign

Through our Access to Justice Campaign, we are committed to protecting the traditional ideas that serve as the very foundation of the justice system. Our goal is to broaden legal accessibility to all community sectors.

Spread Awareness

We are working to spread awareness of the systemic problems with the legal system that have created a culture of disadvantage and caused a tip in the Scales of Justice. Our goal is to bring balance and ensure that everyone has access to legal counsel.

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About Us

15 De Novo is proud to have launched our Access to Justice Campaign where we are striving to protect the traditional ideas that serve as the foundation of a balanced justice system. We will be releasing individual campaigns that are dedicated to offering free/low cost legal services to meet the needs of the community through the use of innovative technology. Our goal is to work with private sector companies, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop and implement leading technological answers to questions about how to effectively deliver quality legal services to everyone equally in the community for affordable prices.

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Thera-Line: On-demand Injury Recovery Therapy

appropriate and simple home exercise and pain/mobility therapy that positively supplements primary medical treatment.

Therapy Modules for Targeted Recovery

Live PT Sessions with Certified PTs

Auto Invoicing for Insurance Claims

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